Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perfect Table Plan!

Thanks Wedding Bee and Perfect Table Plan! Today I received a license key for Perfect Table Plan software. This software allows you to drag and drop people from your guest list to tables. It's easy to arrange and rearrange and you can manage RSVPs and meal choices using the program.

Check it out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Veggie Tales

Chris's dad came up from the Bay to spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun, and his visit inspired us to do a big project.

Well, actually, I should say that it inspired Chris. He did most of the work, but I make a great day laborer! They built 2 4x4 planter boxes for us to grow our vegetables in. See, we have birds and squirrels and raccoons (and a dog), all of which have a habit of decimating the garden every year. It is really frustrating to plant all sorts of vegetables and then have 3 peas and one teeny tiny zucchini at the end of the season.

This year, it's on! We planted lettuce, onions, brussel sprouts (shh, I know, but we love them), zucchini, cucumbers, peas, carrots, and we will be planting potatoes (but haven't yet). We planted thyme and cilantro (my favorite herb of all time) and got sunflower seeds and a Meyer lemon tree.

As a side bonus, maybe we'll cut down the grocery bill.

Here's a picture of our new little paradise, netted to avoid birds.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Invitation fun!

After months of work, we are so close to finishing the invitation that I can taste it. We've finished designing and proofreading and readjusting the Invitation itself and the Information card. We're still working on the RSVP postcard, but we have half of it finished. We just have the backside left to do.

Last weekend we went to Paper Zone (in the midst of a little squabble, since I thought we should have brought our images of the invitation to compare colors-- turns out Chris was right, we didn't need it!) and got sample card stock. We printed some test runs and have tentatively picked the papers. Then we went to Costco and bought very expensive color printer cartridges-- enough to print 150 invitations.

This has been a true group project. Chris has been manning the actual program manipulation (which is the lion's share of the work and frustration), and I've been designer, font-finder, text writer and proofreader.

I can't wait to start assembly! (But I wonder what I'll be saying once that starts...)

It's all about the checkboxes... Next up, ceremony!