Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gah! The dress saga continues...

I learned something crucial today. Such a simple thing, but it may make me go back and revisit everything. The bra I've been wearing to try on dresses is no good. It seems that to give a strapless bra structure, you need to make it padded. Well, the last thing I need is padding! I took it off today to try on a couple of dresses, and lo and behold-- it's a whole different look.

Crikey, how many dresses did I dismiss that might have been ok with a different bra?

Anyway, I liked a couple that I found today... Don't get too attached to either of them ;)

The first is Vera Wang. It is so delicious!

I'm not sure who makes the next one, but it was fun, so I thought I'd show it.

So, I've got to go try on some of these other dresses again. My thoughts were to retry the Betina, the Audrey, and the Mori Lee. Anything else I should re-try?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think that does make a really big difference! I didn't use a bra, I instead had cups sown into the dress. Just throwing it out there as an option instead of getting a new bra!

I would re-try on the one you've listed... But not the Seattle dress, I think that one would probably be too busty without the old bra.

Elizabeth said... BOTH of those are amazing! The Vera is so floaty and magical, and the other is elegance embodied. I still love the others, but it's hard to compare since we haven't seen YOU in them (seriously, I know why they don't let you take pics, but it's annoying!).

(Also, to answer your question from the previous post - we're getting married at the end of July at Court in the Square. Seattle brides unite!!!)

zoliepup said...

Thanks for the input.

I've decided on doing a head to head match up of the Mori Lee and the Betina (as soon as they get it in at I Do).

I will demand to take pics ;) Just kidding, I'll ask nicely but I do need pics!

Elizabeth, do you have a blog somewhere? I didn't see one for you, but would love to follow your developments.

Wiggs said...

Hi miss,
This is a delayed response, but the answer is - no, I don't have a wedding blog. I keep thinking about starting one, but our wedding is nearly planned and I don't think I'd have very many updates. I've been considering applying to weddingbee, though, so maybe I'll backtrack a bit. Our wedding website is: That's got some stuff! :)

Now I'm off to comment on your most recent post!


Wiggs said...

And apparently the name that I post under has changed...oh well, nobody calls me elizabeth anyway (not even my fiance!)

zoliepup said...

Aww, Wiggs-- You guys are adorable!

I love your site, and I'm glad I got to see pics.