Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Backup shoes. What?!

Everyone knows by now that I have my beloved Fluevogs. They are comfortable... for 2-3 inch heels, but they're still heels. Also, my sister thinks I'm crazy for wearing them in the first place!

Well, last summer, when I was making my very first inspiration board, I pulled a picture of some Two Lips shoes that I loved... and they were flats. The thing is, the shoe had been discontinued and you couldn't find it anywhere but e-bay. I wasn't too keen on wearing used shoes.
This is the Tessa... She doesn't exist anymore :(

Not to be daunted by a challenge, I looked through all existing Two Lips shoes to see if there was something comparable. Through that search, I found the Talent. It was also unfortunately discontinued. But through more searching I found one pair on discount at an on-line shoe seller. They were less than $30 bucks. This meant I had to get them as a back-up for the Fluevogs. Here is the Talent. (Pretty similar to the Tessa, no?)

I wish it had straps and a back, but I'm just happy to have a comfortable back-up!


Hannah Noel said...

Oooo-- cute!! and good idea!

AmyJean said...

Uber cute... and you can wear them over and over again afterwards! :)

Anonymous said...

That's too bad that Tessa cannot be found - she's really cute! But I think that Talent is a very good choice as well!

The funny thing is that my feet only started hurting after I changed into my second pair of shoes.

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

Love those! I just have a shoe addiction and I'd be a multi-shoe bride if that was realistic. Maybe 2 pairs will do!