Monday, September 29, 2008

Global financial meltdown (wedding style)

Now is a funny time to be planning a wedding. We've been so carefully planning and saving for a life together. We put together a reasonable budget and have been financially responsible. We have a plan for the wedding and for the future. Even in the best of times, throwing a wedding puts a financial burden on a fledgling couple... but add an unpredictable market and failing banks, and it makes you wonder if putting money into a wedding is such a good idea.

We're in a weird space because we've already paid for or put deposits down on the major things. But it does make me re-evaluate some of the details. I wonder if paper invitations are really essential. I also wonder how many decoration we really need. Maybe I can find a dress bargain that I can live with. How much DIY can I really do? (Especially since I'm so talentless when it comes to artistic things!)

In a way, I take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important. It should be interesting to distill things down to the essential elements, and maybe in the end it will even take some of the pressure to be perfect off.

Yeah, if Chris's glass is all the way full-- 1/2 with air and 1/2 with water, I'm going to make sure mine is at least half full(!), but it does feel like we're blindly hurtling off a cliff into an abyss right now.

Anyone else feel guilty about the state of the economy and its relationship with your wedding? Are you changing or revising anything because of the crisis?


cupcakeprincess said...

I don't think, even with all the financial planning you do, that it is ever a "good time" to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding. Right? You have the right ideas though, spend the big dollars on what counts like a photographer. And you are trying to save like with the centerpieces. So, even though the economy is crazy right now you are on the right path for your wedding. If you need help with anything else just let me know.

zoliepup said...

Aww, thanks CCP! We're kind of in a holding pattern right now, anyway.