Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pirate Name!

Friday is national talk like a pirate day! Being that I'm the pirate piece of pirates and pears, I went and searched out the pirate name generator.

My pirate name is: Bad-Rum Antonia. (I like it!)
Chris's name is: Cap'n Gus Cannonballs (funny)

Check out the site and find your pirate name!

Maybe we'll publish your pirate name in the wedding program!


jennifer said...
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jennifer said...

i am "hobblin' sandy scarr", not to be confused with sandie the sister (who does not hobble nor have lots of scars-- at least not that i have seen!)

zoliepup said...

LOL! I wonder what Sandie's name is then? Maybe Jumpin Jen Eyepatch or something.

dadrown said...

Better late than never, I am High-Pitched Bette. however, Hobblin' Sandy Scar fits me much better!!! i do sort of limpy hobble now since my stupid ankle surgery and I have some nice scars on the right ankle and foot!