Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fit Bride, Part III: The daily grind

I'm checking in again, and trying not to be too boring or repetitive about the whole business... but it's true, we sort of are in the daily grind portion of the fitness program.

Yoga continues. Besides increasing my strength and flexibility, it's getting more fun too, probably because I'm not suffering the whole time!

In order to keep things interesting, I just got the class schedule for the downtown branch of my gym. It's two blocks from work, which is great, but unfortunately, the really good classes seem to be right in the middle of the work day.

Yeah, I haven't actually done it yet, but at least I'm in the contemplative phase. They seem to love spin classes there, which don't sound fun to me. In fact, the class description used the word pain--which doesn't seem like an enticing way to get people into your class. Also, I googled spin class images, and in all the pics (exhibit A above), people look pretty miserable. So if you've got a great reason to try it, I'm willing to listen. Otherwise, forget the spin class!

I've also learned that completely avoiding Kit Kats and other sweets completely is impossible. I'm allowing small amounts and trying not to over restrict. Otherwise, despite the holiday, the diet is on track. I'm super strict on weekdays, and then on weekends am much more flexible. (Fried chicken last Friday- yum). Still rocking the whole grains too. Popcorn is also a hero food!

Here are the results in graph format. (Thanks, I should be super-pleased, since I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, but I guess I had this vision that once I got my act together, the weight would magically disappear. Well, this is the real world and things are working exactly how they should. And for that, I am grateful.

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AmyJean said...

I used to do spin class. It's excellent. You are sore on your butt/saddle area from the seats, but it goes away after a class or two. I was so into it at one point, i bought my own spin bike. It is the most intense 45-60 minutes and you definitely can feel your body changing with each class!