Monday, December 8, 2008

Next things next

Now that I have a dress, I have to admit that I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next. I feel like most of the macro issues that you are supposed to do for weddings are taken care of now.

Venue-check (even if they are trying to sell it... yikes!)
Catering-check (thanks, babe!)
Color scheme-check
Best folks/dog-check
Obligatory paper lanterns-check (and from a long lost friend that I found through a wedding blog!)
Invitations-holding pattern, but decided

I feel like a little hamster running frantically on that wheel thingy, thinking of all these little details like jewelry, wedding yoga, horse and carriage, music playlist, ceremony, favors, best people gifts... The list seems like it has the potential to be endless...

I'm actually starting to create extra work for myself because I keep dreaming up new things. My latest is an idea for an engagement shoot (really cool idea, I might add!), but that would mean having to get engagement pictures, which weren't in our budget and are not something we were planning on doing. Now that I'm considering them, I have to wonder is it self-indulgent busy work or something I should really be doing?

So what's a girl supposed to do next? And where, oh where, do I draw the line? This stuff is really fun, and a bit addictive I might say... but I don't want our wedding to be about "stuff" and really cool looking images. This is about a great new life together, the start of a new family and the growth of love-- these are the most important things to me. Isn't doing more "stuff" a step toward losing sight of that?


AmyJean said...

Your list of "check"ed items is impressive! congrats... be proud ... and then take the next steps one thing at a time :)

PS. I love the brainstorming part too... and sometimes i feel like that hamster for it :)

Anonymous said...

I would take a mini break to just enjoy things, so you don't have a burnout. You have all the important things completed, so celebrate! :)

zoliepup said...

AmyJean- I guess I have no concept of whether I've done a lot or a little, thus part of the "what's next?" mentality.

Now I find it really strange that I didn't even think of taking a break... A break? Wow... That shouldn't be such a novel concept!!!

Thanks Bean for that reality check. Wanders off shaking head and wondering why this didn't occur to self...

Sara E. Cotner said...

I fell into the same pattern of adding more and more fun things to the to-do list. That's why my dog ended up with a handmade matching bandanna!

zoliepup said...

I love the bandanna! My poor dog is going to wear flowers on his collar. I just read your wedding summary and really gained a lot from it. Lots of similarities in our goals/venue/activities.