Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Challenges in men's fashion

Do you know how hard it is to find a decent tie/vest combo for formal wear? Jeez. I thought guys were supposed to be the easy part. Maybe it's because my dress makes actual matching impossible, but we worked long and hard to find a tie that we liked... Simple and elegant, but not too blingy with a subtle pattern to give some interest. When we finally did find the right tie, it made finding a vest nearly impossible. Chris really wanted a vest, so we eventually found something that would work.

We got lots of compliments on the tie, and the good news is it was on clearance! $60 tie for $20... not bad. (The one we really liked was $95 at Nordstrom, but that just seemed outrageous).


Jen said...

where are you going for your groom wear?

zoliepup said...

Well originally we wanted a mandarin collar coat, but that would have required getting our groomswear in England or beyond.

So we checked out men's wearhouse and they had a lovely Calvin Klein 2 button tux on sale that we snapped up. Very easy for the groomsmen to rent as well!