Thursday, August 14, 2008

The fruits of our labor

Jen and I had a great day yesterday, even if I was feeling a bit under the weather. I wasn't at my best, but luckily Jen was.

I learned a lot. A few of the practicalities I mentioned in the comments section of my last post, but I did learn some things about the dresses themselves. To quote Meghan, our wonderful helper at Haute Bride, "The trick with wedding dresses is to find the right optical illusion for you." (I'm afraid that might be a loose paraphrase!)

So I learned that the initial thoughts I had were on the right track, but rusching is my friend! Here are two of the best dresses we found yesterday. Remember, we'll be outside in July... so I'm thinking simple but elegant, and I'd like it to be lightweight. What do you think?


Ms. 122 said...

rusching is my friend too!! at first i wasn't sure i really liked it, but...i do! heh.

dadrown said...

#2 is prettier than number one, however I miss the lace and antique look of the first Eden bridals dress you picked. I do like number two a lot though!

Call me when you are not busy.


*Michelle said...

I love both of them. It was the same thing I was torn between - off the shoulder or side rouching. I loved them both on - HOORAY FOR FLATTERING WEDDING DRESSES!! When you try them on it might come down to comfort, and it might be which one gives you more of a "bride" feeling. Either way, you'll be beautiful!!

zoliepup said...

Thanks Michelle! Trying on dresses can be so disheartening... but what is more frustrating right now is that I really need to tone up. I feel and look puffy all over in the photos of me in the dresses.