Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet the minds (behind the bride) Part dos

This post is dedicated to my sister Liz, or Lizzie if you prefer (aka the Cupcake Princess). I've known Lizzie for the entirety of her 26 years on this planet. The first irony here, which is not at all lost on me, is that my sister is the same age as my fiance... Well, that's not true... She's 6 months older than him! This is ironic because I always thought of Liz as my "baby" sister (being that she is 11 years younger than me). Of course she settled down and got married and started a family while I was still in school, so who's the baby now, baby?!

Anyway, I was always kind of in awe of Liz. She was such a *good* kid. You know, so polite and kind and happy and angelic-- the perfect kid. I have a picture of her from when she was two where she literally looks like an angel. The awe and the age gap put us in distinctly different realms growing up. I moved away when Lizzie was 2, so we didn't exactly spend a ton of time growing up together.

We bonded over fashion when she became a teenager. Liz became a 5'9" beauty, and being a stubby 5'4" myself, I lived vicariously and dressed her in various outfits that I purchased in the Haight... She introduced me to Delia's online store(I still get their email), and I introduced her to the musical Rent. Bonding was fun, and I'm always really glad I had that time with my youngest sister to finally get to know her!

Facts about Lizzie:

When Liz was little, the family called me at my high school to say that Liz was hit by a car on her bike. I was so worried that I was physically ill, because as everyone knows the really good ones are most prone to really bad things happening.

Liz was once a model for Papa John's Pizza.

She is a burgeoning triathelete (which I think kicks all ass!)

She planned a gorgeous Mendicino wedding on a shoestring budget.

She is a brilliant cake decorator and will be designing the cupcakes for my wedding.

She has two kids named Jonah and Myleigh.
Here is a photo of my beloved Liz (and all the neices):

*next up... wait for it... Jen!


jennifer said...

oooh, ooh! i'm next! :)

so nice to learn more about liz! i'm excited for her cupcakes!

dadrown said...

What adorable girls! All four of them!!! Liz, I went to your wedding site when we were in Mendocino! It is still just perfect and beautiful! We stayed literally across the street from the site! So beautiful! I want to live on the ocean!


zoliepup said...

I just drove down the North Coast this weekend. We didn't want to bug you because it was your 10th wedding anniversary.

The weather was so awesome!