Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fit Bride

I've found new motivation to achieve some weight loss and health goals. It's a no brainer when I look at myself in dresses and see a different image than what is in my head. It's a hard thing to even talk about, actually.

I know that I wasn't healthy at 98 lbs during medical school (though that's a whole other story), but I'm not exactly in peak condition at 136 either. I still definitely think of myself at 118 lbs when starting residency... Though I don't anticipate being able to get there.

The situation has required a re-dedication of my efforts. I want to feel really good about myself on my wedding day, and to know that I did everything I could to look and feel my best.

This week I started going to yoga at my gym. I can go up to 4 times a week, though I'm being realistic and setting a goal of 3 yoga classes. I'm also taking a dance class, and using the eliptical machine a couple of times a week... Increased energy output--check!

Chris is totally supportive, so we've cut the meat in our diet at least in half. And hardest thing of all-- I've cut out processed foods :( Only whole grains for me. Bye, bye white rice. See ya, plain pasta. Good riddance snack foods. (I am allowing for a smidge of after dinner dark chocolate, but no more real dessert). Decreased energy intake--check!

Hopefully, all of my friends will be equally supportive, because this is going to be damned hard!

One motivation I found today is a site called www.weightview.com You simply upload a picture of yourself, they use some pixel magic to shave off the pounds to your goal weight, and presto... you are that much lighter. Maybe this will help me stick to it!


caitstclair said...

I still like the first one the best, although you look fantastic in both, altered images or no.

jennifer said...

i think you look beautiful in both dresses at your current size. but i fully support your effort to look and feel your best. call me any time you need moral support!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for starting to make a difference - you can do it! :)

I still like the first one. (Even though, I'm not entirely convinced that you'll lose so much around your hips - unless you're hiding an inflatable ring under there? Haha. I guess it's just the way the program removes the weight. I personally first lose weight off my back/upper belly/arms before my bum/upper legs/hips but that's just me. )

Good luck!

zoliepup said...

It does seem kind of distorted the way they eliminated my hips altogether, doesn't it?

Sadly, I lose my bum first... That's one part of me that I'm perfectly happy with, and unfortunately, the boobs tend to go last. Even at my thinnest I was still a solid 34B. I'm trying to have realistic thoughts about this and not think that it's going to be magic.

Anyway, I'm starting to realize that I might need to look at new dresses, as you can see above ;)

zoliepup said...

I love CC Ragweed (and Wyoming for that matter)!