Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Change!

Whatever your political orientation, I beg you to go out and vote today. Let your voice be heard! I will not pretend to be non-partisan, but I do respect everyone's individual decision to support who they think will be best for our nation. Personally, I've been working for Barack Obama since November, and I feel like I own part of this campaign. Never have I been so politically energized and included! History will be made today, and I am so happy to be a part of it!
Also, California friends, please consider voting no on Proposition 8. I know most of you are.... but as someone who is getting married in California next year, I want to make sure that every single person in the state shares that same right. The world will not end, morals will not crumble. Families will be created and we'll all be better off for it. I point to MA. for those concerned. The world has not ended there, divorce rates have not worsened (and in fact they've actually improved).

I understand that not all of us meet eye to eye on this, but I had to say it. I still love those of you who disagree, just as I love my gay and lesbian friends who I write about No on Prop 8 for.


dadrown said...

Cheese and rice I should have known not to look at your blog today.I want to argue with you so badly right now, but I am your sister and I just can not. Suffice it to say "just because people make bad decisions does not mean that we can be mean to them." My recent quote to my children. So, while I totally and completely disagree with you, I love you anyway.


zoliepup said...

I thought of you as I wrote this entry, but I had to be true to myself. There is no need to argue. I respect your decisions for you and your family, just as I know you tolerate mine.

I'm glad your love can transcend your disagreement with my views :)

WideEyedBride said...

Yay for doctor brides getting married on July 18th, 2009!!! :)