Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shoe reveal

So I've had a couple of phone requests and Betrothed Bean's online request to see the shoes.

Now, I had no idea that these very shoes were becoming a rampant wedding trend, but apparently they are. So sue me, I'm trendy for once...

I wanted something really comfortable. As I said, I was going to wear Chuck Taylors, but they seemed too blah for the kind of dresses I'm looking at. I went to try these on a whim when I was in Downtown Seattle. John Fluevog, I love your shoes so! They were so comfortable and seemed like they were made for me.

I thought, eeks, should I really buy shoes before the gown? That doesn't even make sense... But the more I thought about these, the more I was narrowing down dress choices. I also wanted a place where I could really express myself without anyone (oh, you know who you are ;) having a heart attack.

Some may love them, some may hate them, but all I know is that Chris and I are both wild for them... and that's enough for me!

I plan to lace them with either blue laces or blue ribbon. So much fun!


Anonymous said...

Awesome shoes! I bet that they're comfortable too, which is sometimes half the battle.
It took me forever to find shoes (found the shoes 2 weeks before the wedding) so congratulations to you! :) And as long as you and your FI like them, it doesn't matter was others think.

zoliepup said...

They are so comfortable. And 3 inch heels no less!

When I told my sister what I'd chosen, we just laughed and laughed on the phone together. She wouldn't have chosen them, but I don't think she was surprised either ;)