Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The hair affair

I was trying to think of how my hair should look for the wedding... or in general really, since my hairstylist needs a "vision" to work with, as he says.

So I found some lovely pictures that capture a vintage look, but will still appear modern. Finger waves are great, but they might look out of place. I found a few looks that I like. Hopefully, my rockstar stylist can work with them to get me ready. Chris's close friend will be doing my hair the day of the wedding.

Here are Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall and Katherine Heigel... Not that I can hope to look like any of them, but maybe my hair can!


Anonymous said...

Those hair styles are super hot! I think you should go for it! :)

zoliepup said...

Aren't they awesome?

And, Bean, I think I might have found a dress. I'll know after Saturday, and I'll share when I do :)

Suffice it to say I was thinking of the dress when I picked these hair styles!

Anonymous said...

OOO!! A dress! That's quite exciting! :)

Linda said...

Do the Katherine Heigel look! It's stunning!