Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The best dog

While I eagerly await a photo of my sister Liz to post with her bio, I thought I'd skip to one of the other attendants at our wedding-- namely, Catch. I wanted our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog to be part of the festivities and was trying to think of a good way to integrate him.

I thought about ring-bearer, but I really have unbearably cute nephews to do that job. I also thought about flower dog, but without an opposable thumb, he would be severely limited in that regard.

But Catch is a pack dog. He loves wearing his backpack, and we often walk him around Greenlake with his red pack ladened down just because he enjoys it. So I thought that my nieces could walk down the aisle with him with two baskets hanging at his sides. The girls can grab and throw their petals from the baskets that Catch carries. I envision belt-loop berry picking baskets strapped to his backpack frame.

Besides, wouldn't he look completely sweet with a collar of flowers around his neck?


He's a working dog, through and through... Here he is swimming on a mostly frozen alpine lake. He's so tough! That water was just at the melting point. My toes went numb in seconds, but he chose to submerge himself and swim in it! He got in repeatedly over the course of the afternoon. He always came out shivering and then went back for more!

So what do you think I should call him in the program? Flower dog? Best dog? Bride's best buddy?


Ms. 122 said...

that dog is...AWESOME!! omg, so cool. no idea what to call him, maybe just say "special guest appearance by..."

zoliepup said...

Yeah! "Guest starring"...

and he is really awesome, even more so in person. He has such a personality, and though he's still a puppy, he's really a great and smart dog.

Ms. 122 said...

did you go with "guest starring"? i can't wait to get a doggy. i think we're going to get 10! hah. also, i put a little link love on 122rollcall. :)

zoliepup said...

Thanks for the link love!

Did you enjoy Seafair? I worked all weekend :(

Ms. 122 said...

seafair was nice. we just went to the blue angels, but the eastbound bridge on the seattle side wasn't too crowded and mr. 122 had never seen them fly before (even though he's navy). but traffic was a bear! sorry you had to work all weekend!