Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yup, its for real!

So, I think I was probably the last person to think it would really happen. As tough as I play it sometimes, I'm really psyched to be getting married to Chris. It took 34-35 years to finally find a guy who would put up with me and who I could put up with. But Chris and I don't just put up with each other, we laugh and have fun every day... and that is the best thing ever!

This might be the sappiest you ever see me, so enjoy! (And keep the teasing to a minimum)

I figure this is a good place to garner the opinions of people who are my assigned opinion givers, and to minimize my mass e-mailing of pictures and "stuff".

Try not to throw up too much, and I'll do the same!

1 comment:

*Michelle said...

heheheh - I can sympathize with the unexpected sappiness!! I used to be hard edged girl... and then Adam occurred!