Monday, July 28, 2008

Chris's engagement ring (with mine)

We just got Chris's engagement ring (and wedding ring) in the mail! We looked high and low for something that we both liked, but everything seemed completely ordinary. We finally found Rob and Leighanne on Etsy--and their rings are anything but ordinary. They have been amazing to work with too.

This is a sandblasted titanium, and it hits all the right notes. The sandblasting gives it a flat appearance, but also a bit of sparkle. I've been calling it "boy bling".

Too bad my photography with my broken camera doesn't reflect their craft. Since I dropped my camera when photographing my engagement ring, it has had some problems. Add camera to the list of things that need to be replaced!

Here is a better picture of it, from Rob and Leighanne's Etsy site. Hopefully they won't mind that I'm sharing it!


Ms. 122 said...

is the engagement ring also the wedding ring? does he wear them on the same finger? so curious! even with the broken camera it looks nice!

zoliepup said...

The engagement ring is very different than the wedding ring. Wedding ring is titanium and manzanita inlay.

When we get married, he'll switch this ring to his right hand and wear the other on his left.

I can't wait to show off that one, because it is even more gorgeous than this one! There are beautiful patterns in the wood, and I love the contrast between the indestructable, light titanium and the softer warm wood.

Ms. 122 said...

oh wow!

i thought of getting mr. 122 an engagement ring before he left for qatar, but then he wound up not going. plus he says the only ring he ever wants to wear is his wedding ring.

but that is really nice. do they still have it on their etsy shop so we can see it up close and personal?

zoliepup said...

Here is a link to their shop:

They are so willing to work with you and create a unique custom piece. Click on the link that says 1613 sales, just below other items to see some of the work they've done.

Ms. 122 said...

oh wow! i'm totally impressed! i'll have to show mr. 122 when his internet starts working again. thanks :)