Monday, July 7, 2008

So why exactly are we pirates and pears?

The obvious question has been asked...

The answer is simple. Sort of.

When Chris and I got engaged, we decided that we wanted to start a wedding website. We thought of the obvious names, "ChrisandVicki" or "VickiandChris" or "ChrislovesVicki" or vice versa. Well, all of those were taken and seemed kind of weak anyway.

So then we decided that we would try "Catch's parents"--because we're such loving dog-parents. We googled it (stop now... don't do it) and we got lots and lots of porn sites! We had to think of something completely different.

Chris always calls me a Pirate because of my family's pirate lineage. Did you even know we had pirate lineage? I didn't until last year.

Turns out our ancestor Jose Tomas de Boves (originally named Jose Tomas Rodriguez--bet you didn't know that either!) spent 4 years in prison for piracy on the high seas, long before he went to pillage in Venezuela and then went on to become Viceroy of Venzuela under the crown of Spain. (Did you know he was an amazing horseman too?) Come to find out he wasn't a very nice guy though, and he was eventually killed by Simone Bolivar (the George Washington of South America). I've got some pretty interesting articles about our red-headed, cowboy, pirate ancestor if you want to learn more... but I guess Chris hooked on to the fact that he was first a pirate, and so always calls me a pirate girl.

Also, another little known fact is that on some of my first weekends specifically visiting Chris in Tahoe, we saw Pirates of the Carribean 1&2. And did you know that Pirates of the Carribean was my favorite ride at Disneyland when I was little? I had no idea how politically incorrect it was at the time! It was stunning to go back and check it out a couple of years ago and see how awful it was, but deep down I still loved it.

And the pear, well you can probably figure that has to do with Chris's last name (and not his figure), I've always called him "Bartlett pear". As soon as he said we should name the site Pirate and something, I realized the aliteration was perfect and so we must be Pirates and Pears. We bought the domain name and we're milking it for all its worth ;)

Did I just make a simple story really boring? I think our website name is hilarious!

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Miss Lisa said...

Had to comment...

Don't ask me how I came upon this site - it was a complete accident...but I think the story is great and I too am related to a pirate!

Henry Morgan (like Captain Morgan?) is my great great grand uncle or something like that!