Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet the minds (behind the bride)

The name of this post could have been "Meet the Maids", but that would have just been cheesy! I realize that most of you know a lot about each other, but don't know each other so much... and I figured it would be fun to do a little "get to know ya". Let's see what I can put together.

I'll go in order of the length of time I've known you.

Yup, that means you Sandie.

I've known this girl since she was in utero. I talked to you before you were viable on your own, and I have to say, I always credit the fact that we can be singing the same song in different states at the exact same time or decide to call each other at the same moment to the fact that we've shared our pre-natal environment, home, and experiences since day #1.

I have a tape of Sandie singing in made up foreign languages when she was about 5. It is one of the cutest things that I have. We should definitely burn it onto a CD!

I've never seen someone so scared as my sister when I fell out of the Gumm's accelerating truck and almost got hit by another car in the middle of a busy road. That might be the first time I knew how much she loved me.

Sandie adores most things Japanese, and is more fluent in Japanese than she lets on.

She used to love the Julianna Hatfield 3 and Pizzicato 5. (Maybe just a fetish with bands that have numbers in the name?) Sandie has seen Madonna live in concert in Japan. (Which I made fun of at the time, but now think is *way* cool.) Sandie has a great fashion sense.

She has 3 adorable kids and one husband who is pretty cool. She's got 2 dogs (Cavalier and a Lab) and a cat named Omaha (think Counting Crows). She used to have a cat named Julianna (named after the aforementioned band) and now, even better, has a daughter named Juliana (not after the band)... Note the different spellings.

She's an ESTP on Myers Briggs Testing... which might have had an impact on me. Chris is also an ESTP. But when it comes down to it, she has the biggest heart and is the glue that keeps our family together!

*next up-Liz


dadrown said...

Thank you. You are so sweet. It is fun to read about me from your perspective. I must say I did tear up a bit! Now I can not wait to hear about everyone else. We will all know each other better this way. Also, how do you remember my personality profile??? I don't even remember that! And falling out of the truck? That was awful! I thought you were going to die! One of the scariest moments of my life!


zoliepup said...

I remember your personality profile because it was important to me and helped me understand you better!

I love ya so much!

dadrown said...

I have been speaking Nihon-go to myself all day now! The power of suggestion is too great with me! I do understand a lot and can still speak a lot, however, I am nervous to speak it much. Oh, i do miss it though!

Love you too!

jennifer said...

vick, this is great insight on your sister! i can't wait to hear more stories about the other ladies, too! (i am ENTP, i think!)