Sunday, July 6, 2008

A bridesmaid dress?

My sister, Sandie found a dress that could be the bridesmaid dress. At first I thought everyone would just wear something different in similar colors, but I wonder if this dress might work for most of the girls.

I can't copy and paste the image, but here is the link. Let me know what you think. Other suggestions? I'm open.

Do you like blue? I think it will photograph well and look good on most people. Given that we're doing this in the wilderness, I think green and brown and other neutrals are out.



cupcakeprincess said...

I like the dress and agree it will look good on all baby types. I like the blue color and think it will stand out nicely against the wilderness.

What is the story of the pirate and the pear?

cupcakeprincess said...

Sorry, not baby types BODY types. Hahaha

zoliepup said...

I'll tell the story in my next blog!

jennifer said...

if this is the dress you emailed me, i love it! :)