Friday, July 11, 2008

Dress Madness

Jen brings up the infamous dress question... which I've been putting off. Here are some options, most of which you guys have probably already seen. This is sort of one grouping I've been looking at. Some days I like other stuff, so when I'm in a different mood I'll post some different styles I like.


cupcakeprincess said...

I really like the 3rd dress down. The detail on the bottom is pretty. I can't wait until you try on dresses, I know i won't be there but you better bring some friends and a camera. Then, post the picz asap.

jennifer said...

all gorgeous! fair enough to wait until you've spent more time at the gym. my friend audrey actually lost enough inches after her last fitting that she almost could not fill her dress on the big day! i think the key is trying them on-- a lot of women tell me they are surprised at what they like and don't like once actually wearing them. i will have my camera ready! :)

indiebirds said...

I like the second one from the top!